Hey, people!”, I said and received gazes from a score of a pair of eyes.
Sir”, he said, and no one saw him in the eye.

Similarities between him and I:

  • We both had all our physical characteristics resembling a human being.
  • We both had unkempt hair and not-so-clean clothes.
  • We both were seeking attention.

Differences between him and I:

  • My hair was black and his head turned grey.
  • I had a bag on my back, and he had a sacral belt around his belly.
  • He had a few coins in his hand, and I had fewer in my bag (currency notes were more in number).
  • My T-shirt had the name of my college printed on it, his skin had marks of poverty engraved on it.

It takes merely Rs. 30 to fill one’s stomach in a huge metropolitan city, and people were walking out of the restaurant, throwing those crumpled Rs. 3000 or more bills.
Few more were going into the restaurant to grab a snack, and he was waiting outside, patiently, to afford one meal for his empty, since two days now, stomach.
There was a hidden hunger embedded in his voice, a faint smell of expectation in his gaze. Yet, they walked past him, as if he didn’t exist.
Because his words were unheard, his voice wasn’t!

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