When we were young,
Everything was so simple;
We loved our parents who brought us chocolates,
And we had crush on the girl with dimple.

We had friends
Who helped us;
And we sat together,
And wondered about a flying school bus.

The teachers gave us toffees
Whenever we answered a question,
And we went home
Soon after finishing the school session.

But now
It has all changed a lot;
For us, no more presents
Are brought.

If we want something
We have to earn it,
And like friends,
Some of them, don’t treat.

Some of earlier known faces
Now look at us as strangers,
As if we are the woodcutter
And they are the forest rangers.

The winters now are colder,
The summers hotter,
The rain sometimes drowns our houses,
And it’s no use even if we angrily mutter.

Teachers are now professors,
The girls are now ladies,
And world is a struggle, we have to work day and night
If we want to earn our breadies.

Those were good times
As if we lived somewhere in the top
And now I wonder
Why did I even grow up?

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