Today I saw many WhatsApp stories. Clubs, councils, and teams of our college fests have made beautiful posters on the world environment day and all the respective members were asked to share those posters. Nice! You are using this day for your promotion creatively. But in between all this something triggered me. What else can we do except putting those WhatsApp stories? And I started thinking about those little things we do every day which might harm the environment and we never think of them.

Thus came the idea of this post. I’ve tried to list down a few general things which we do in a wrong way in our day to day college life. These might be very small or might not make any difference, but then this website is working because someday, someone started from <html>.


1. Lights and fans of lecture theatres and other electrical appliances in our rooms

I have seen that lights and fans in our lecture theatres are normally turned on for the whole day, whether there is a class or not. I have never seen people turning them off. We all use to pass through vacant classrooms with lights and fans turned on; helping ghosts to study. you never bothered, right? We have wasted a large amount of energy till now.

Now, be it the extension boards or phone chargers we are too lazy to turn them off or remove them from the socket after the use. That red light on your extension board is wasting energy as well. And a charger without a device connected to it also consumes the energy.

2. Motor vehicles

We are so cool! Ain’t we? We sit on our “Royal Enfield” like kings just for going to our classes! Once I saw a senior of mine saying very proudly, “Sorry! I can’t sit in the auto”.  I admit that the BHU campus is wide and big. But, is IIT (BHU) that much wide and big campus? Whatever be the answer, let’s keep this discussion for some other day. For today we should use them for our need, not our luxury. We can avoid them most of the times.

3.Biodegradable/Non-Biodegradable dustbins

Dustbins are there but more than half of us hardy cared. While it is true that it might not help at all because who knows if care is taken while dumping the waste or in any further process. But we can take care of putting our wastes in proper dustbins. We should do what is in our power. Is it too hard to use these dustbins properly?

4. Wasting water

We all have witnessed “no water supply” at certain times in the day.

Many times we went to the washroom, turned the tap on, and found no water. And many times we did not care about closing back the water tap because there was no water supply. Sometimes water taps have been left open helping in cleaning the bathrooms. Such cleanliness freaks we are.

The list still continues and more points are to be added. To make an input just comment and I will add it with proper credits!

About Arjun Salyan

Student at IIT BHU, Varanasi, I am a Developer with some Philosophy, Mathematician with some Literature, Artist with some Technology!
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One thought on “World Environment Day: Things We Have Been Doing Wrong at IIT (BHU)

  1. The points beautifully covered here are indeed worth considering seriously! Nice article!


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