Aren’t you ashamed that I was slashed?
Hammered, clobbered; my curves were frazzled,
Empathy faded, even the ‘heart’ you bashed,
Having lost my ‘blue’, I owe my ‘whiteness’ to all you dazzled!

Moron, didn’t you think this conclusion you jumped onto?
Little did I know, thou ‘follow’ for a flutter,
Bogus Romeos will solace with impromptu:
Beauty lies in the eye of the Beholder.

The brows were charismatic, even her eyes were hypnotic,
Her winks, some say her expressions did slay
You fell for her; is Priya P Varrier really exotic?
Though she was the predator, I fell to your prey.

You clicked me at once, lest she be not ‘followed’ by you,
I’m that ‘Instagram option’, 3 millions in a day didn’t miscue.


(Now read the words in inverted commas again to get that Insta vibe!)

– Tanay Kedia

About Tanay Kedia

मैं शायर तो नहीं, but your curvy brows infused poesy.
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